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Are you able to afford a home and make the monthly payment, but you’ve still been turned down for a mortgage loan? You’re not alone.

Unfortunately, over 80% of buyers today can’t qualify for a mortgage, and it’s getting harder. If you’re one of those people, you may feel as if you’ll be stuck renting for life.

Have you experienced surprise rent hikes, or having the landlord sell the house out from under you? Who wants to be stuck renting where you have no control and renting a place that you and your family can’t truly call home?

If this sounds like you, then keep reading to see if our Rent-to-Own Program is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We require a down payment that will be applied toward the purchase price when you do finally purchase the property. Generally, your down payment will be between 3-10% of the purchase price, depending on the home and your circumstances.

Keep in mind that a low credit score will NOT disqualify you from our program, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Other than that, we need a commitment from you to diligently work with us to get you from home renter to a home buyer by the end of the lease term.

No, unfortunately not. It wouldn’t be ethical to put you into a home and have you make rent payments while knowing you won’t qualify to purchase the home.

We aren’t real estate agents, so we don’t charge any commissions or other fees.

No, unfortunately not. However, consider it this way, aren’t you already making rent payments where you live now?

With our rent-to-own program, you know that your payments will pay off down the line helping you secure the home you want today.

It can happen but rarely occurs because we don’t accept buyers into the program unless we’re 99% sure they’ll qualify for a mortgage after the lease period ends.

In the unlikely event this occurs, we may discuss extending your lease. Provided we’re confident a little more time is needed to get you qualified.

The length of the rental term is based on evaluation from our third-party credit consulting agency and mortgage consultant. Usually, we can get buyers mortgage ready, so they can qualify to purchase a home in 12-24 months.

This program is for anyone that wants to buy a home but can’t qualify for a mortgage today.

More importantly, it’s for buyers who are willing to invest the time and energy working on improving their credit so they can qualify for a loan to become buyers.

It’s also perfect for buyers who can qualify for a loan but need an extra year or two to save for a down payment, get better loan terms, or needs “seasoning” in the eyes of the lender.

Our program is not for people who want a quick fix or are unwilling to put in the time and effort to become mortgage ready.

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